Life Reflection   04/09/21

Today is Saturday, recently I started my new apprentice job at an IT company. I help business clients with technical issues and their problems, a fairly entry level IT job. The times are 9-5, Monday to Friday. And whilst I am certainly pleased about earning what I will be earning, I still feel like I wont have much time to even enjoy the money I earn. Especially after I spend it on what I want out of life, a newly upgraded gaming PC. But after getting what I want... What then? Of course, id still have to go to work every Monday. So what goal would I even have anymore? I wont have anything to strive for...

This really worries me. It looks like I need to start really evaluating what I want out of life. Otherwise I will no doubt be taken advantage of and working towards someone else's dream. I just really hope that these feelings subside and I focus on something much more longer term. Very conflicted about this job, despite enjoying the work I do.

First Entry   25/08/21

Not entirely sure what I want to write, so I guess i'll just write whatever comes to mind. Plan on using this page now and again to express my thoughts and kinda keep a record. Recently been trying to upgrade my PC, still waiting on the CPU and PSU. Luckily I am working whilst still living with parents so I should be able to save up quite a bit of my money from my job so i'll give it another month and get them. The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is the CPU I plan on getting unless it keeps fluctuating in price >:(

In other news, trying to get my bike fixed so I can start to ride to work instead. Not sure whether or not I should cancel my gym membership since I plan to ride 3-4 miles to work anyways and i'd like the idea of saving £15 extra each month which I could save up. Still undecided on that however...